3,000 Miles of Torn Up Road

Ashley Halsey III published an article in the May 16th issue of The Washington Post with the following headline: “Study: $ 2 trillion needed for U.S. infrastructure”.

“The United States is falling dramatically behind much of the world in rebuilding and expanding an overloaded and deteriorating transportation network,” the article began. “It needs to remain competitive in the global marketplace, according to a new study by the Urban Land Institute …

“‘Over the next five to 10 years, public concerns will grow over evident declines in the condition of infrastructure,’ the report says. ‘At some attention-getting point after infrastructure limps along, platforms for reinvesting in America could gain significant traction and public support.’

“The report is the latest in a series of studies to conclude that the nation will face dire long-term consequences if major investment in transportation revitalization is postponed.

“‘Infrastructure should be part of the larger conversation about what do you want government to do and how do you want to pay for it?’ said Jay Zuckerman of Ernst & Young, which conducted the institute’s study.

“The report lends perspective to an issue addressed last fall by a panel of 80 experts led by former secretaries Norman Y. Mineta and Samuel K. Skinner. That group concluded that as much $ 262 billion a year must be spent on U.S. highways, rail networks and air transportation systems …”-

Why? Why spend billions (trillions?) on roads to nowhere? What good are improved “highways, rail networks and air transportation facilities” if the economy crashes? Unemployment, bankruptcies and foreclosures are skyrocketing. Businesses are failing. Folks are broke and not “demanding” goods of any kind, so why waste money on “rebuilding and expanding an overloaded (?) and deteriorating infrastructure”? So we can “remain competitive in the global marketplace”? Baloney.

Note the position given “unemployment” in the above paragraph. It’s the key. Nothing will bail out this country until we put the unemployed back to work. But are those “80 experts” concerned with the nation’s joblessness? Of course not. They’re ignoring the issue like it was a plague.

Well it is a plague. It is by far the gravest situation this country has ever faced , but because the elite are not yet affected – and because they don’t have a clue – their efforts are directed to “panels” and “studies”. Their only concern is their next Government Grant. “Look busy!”, they tell themselves.
“Over the next five to 10 years, public concerns will grow over evident declines in the condition of infrastructure”, the report said. What a stupid statement! Public concerns – right now – have to do with eating and paying the rent, and that isn’t done without a job and a weekly paycheck.

Arts. 22 and 23 in this Vol. 27 show how to generate paychecks, but will those “experts” even care?