A Breath of Fresh Air!

“Carbon dioxide can indeed kill, even in relatively small quantities. It’s the primary ingredient in all the hot air coming from Washington.” – Phillip Jackson


“It is said that carbon dioxide causes global warming. At the heart of this global warming argument is the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. But most scientists do not agree with the CO2 global warming premise.

“In the United States 31,072 scientists, including the author, have signed a petition rejecting the Kyoto global warming agreement. An additional 1,000 scientists are being verified to be added to the list. Thousands more exist who find the assertion that CO2 will destroy the earth absurd.

“The truth is, if an increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) is directly related, there would be a direct correlation between the two. As CO2 rose, we would see a comparable rise in the Earth’s temperature. This correlation does not exist.

“Still there are those who insist that CO2 builds up in the atmosphere over a 50 to 250 year period. Instead, what happens is that every year around April, increased CO2 absorption by plants in the Northern Hemisphere starts reducing the CO2 in the atmosphere, and the reduction continues until around mid-to-late August when plants start to go dormant.

“Nature reacts very fast in its consumption of carbon dioxide. Farmers call this the growing season, followed by the harvest season, followed by snow and cold when nothing grows.

“Warming and cooling cycles are well known throughout human history. The IPCC, however, with its agenda to tax and control energy use that produces CO2, is not based on either the obvious or more complex science involved. Its data is the invention of computer models that are manipulated to produce false results, which in turn, can be announced and repeated worldwide.

“In point of fact, nature absorbs 98.5% of the CO2 that is emitted by nature and man. Nature is a totally self-regulating mechanism that dwarfs any mindless effort to ‘control’ the amount of CO2 produced by coal-fired utilities, steel manufacturers, autos and trucks, and gasoline-fueled lawn mowers, not to forget fireplaces where logs glow or just about any human activity you can name, including exhaling two pounds of the stuff every day.

“No regulation by man is necessary because CO2 is not a pollutant; it is part of the animal-plant life cycle. Without it, life would not exist on Earth. Increased CO2 in the atmosphere increases plant growth, which is a very good thing during a period of world population growth and an increasin demand for food.

“Taxing carbon would do absolutely nothing to improve the climate, but would be a devastating hardship to the people of the world. U.S. Representative John Dingell’s plan to tax carbon would add 13% to the cost of electricity and 32% to the cost of gasoline; just what we need during a recession that threatens to become a depression.

“Dr. Tim Ball, a former climatology professor at the University of Winnepeg, recently asked, ‘How many failed predictions, discredited assumptions and evidence of incorrect data are required before an idea loses credibility? CO2 is not causing warming or climate change. It is not a toxic substance or a pollutant.’

“It is time to rebuke everyone attempting to foist the global warming hoax and carbon taxes on the United States and the rest of the world. It is time to let Congress and the White House know that Americans will not be ruled by laws that have no scientific merit.” –

Here’s some of what we wrote about this hoax back on June 13th, 2008:

“Though scientific papers refuting many aspects of the man-made global warming theory are published in prestigious journals such as Science, Nature and Geographical Review Letters, they receive virtually no media attention. S. Fred Singer, a climate physicist, who co-authored a book with Hudson Institute Senior fellow David Avery, says, ‘We’ve had Greenhouse Theory with no evidence to support it – except for a moderate warming turned into a scare by computer models whose results have never been verified with real world events …

“Co-author Avery says, ‘Two thousands of published histories say that warm periods were good for people. It was the harsh, unstable Dark Ages and Little Ice Age that brought bigger storms, untimely frost, widespread famine and plagues of diseases.’

“The growing library books and papers written by reputable scientists refuting much of the global warming hysteria includes Shattering Consensus by Patrick M. Michaels. It contains essays from various scientists, and includes serious challenges to the claim that human endeavors and CO2 emissions are the cause of global warming …”

But this was our favorite put-down:

“‘Carbon dioxide is 0.000383 of our atmosphere by volume (0.038 percent).’ said meteorologist Joseph D’Alea, the first director of meteorology at The Weather Channel and former chief of the American Meteorological Society’s Committee on Weather Analysis and Forecast. ‘Only 2.75 percent of atmospheric CO2 is anthropogenic [generated by man] in origin. The amount we omit is said to be up from 1 percent a decade ago.’ He continued, ‘Despite the increase in emissions, the rate of change of atmospheric carbon dioxide at Mauna Loa remains the same as the long term average (plus 0.45 percent per year). We are responsible for just 0.001 percent of this atmosphere,’ insists D’Alea. ‘If the atmosphere was a 100-story building, our anthropogenic CO2 contribution today would be equivalent to the linoleum on the first floor.'” –

[The global warming hoax is a diversion. It diverts our attention – and it diverts taxpayer money.]