A Catchy Idea

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reported that there were 747 cargo thefts in the U.S. in 2010 worth an estimated value of $ 171 million. The majority of the thefts were from freight moving by truck or rail, with California taking the dubious top prize at 247 thefts, with electronics the number one target at 139 thefts.

Most of the thefts occurred at truck stops, parking lots, warehouses and port cities, the NICB said.

“Law enforcement resources are stretched thin in many areas of the country as they address traditional crime groups, leaving little time to address cargo theft. Organized criminal enterprises view cargo theft as low-risk crime with the potential for high profits,” the NICB reported. –

Let’s see now. “Law enforcement resources are stretched thin …” goes the alibi, but while all this crime is taking place, U.S. authorities have set up the 200,000 strong Department of Homeland Security, most of whom are TSA touchy-feely personnel.

Apart from the phony ones, like the shoe-bomber and the underwear-bomber, has this useless organization turned up a single “terrorist”? No. Not a one. Yet innocent Americans are subjected to the most humiliating display of law enforcement whenever and wherever they need to travel.

What a waste of taxpayer funds. If the TSA employees were to spend their time examining cargo things instead of private things, there would be a lot less theft and a lot less embarrassment.

But the whole thing is a hoax. Those were Senator Byrd’s exact words, and he made sure they were recorded in the Congressional Record.

Now about that $ 171 million that’s being allowed to fall through the cracks. Our website describes the in-house delivery system aspect of our patented container yard operation that would eliminate cargo theft. This was brought to our attention when we met with officials of the nation’s largest privately owned trucking company.

We were assured that the use of that firm’s company-owned vehicles, driven by employed drivers, would completely eliminate theft from containers passing through our in-house delivery system.

But we were also concerned that, as large as that firm was, it still couldn’t handle the thousands of containers arriving daily in all U.S. ports. It wasn’t until we conducted a study and found that, of the nation’s hundreds of trucking companies, more than 200,000 trucks were available from just the twenty largest firms, and dozens of smaller firms would gladly provide thousands more.

Surely, someone in Washington would take note of the guarantees in our patented system – right? Wrong. The weapons industry and “Homeland Security” – (and maybe even “organized criminal enterprises”?) – continually outbid us.