Blowing Bubbles …

Here’s a greeting from David Glen Cox; “Congratulations, if you’re an hourly worker in the United States you’ve earned a 2 cent per hour raise last month! (April) Now of course, after earning almost a whole extra dollar per week, tax and investment advice should be sought out immediately. If you work in information services for a living, your hours worked increased this month, by one-tenth of an hour. 2,691,000 Americans work in the ‘information’ category and I guess they’re lucky to be working that extra fractional hour, even if there are 9,000 less of them, working this month over last.

“For everyone else, all 155 million of us American workers, hours worked in every category either fell or stayed the same. The propaganda networks will trumpet 165,000 ‘new’ jobs and that’s Winston Smith’s way of telling you, everything is so much better now. Come out; come out wherever you are! Ollie, Ollie Ocean free! But under the veneer is another story entirely, a story that you will not see on TV or Radio.

“While 165,000 new jobs were created last month, 210,000 workers joined the labor force.

“The number of Americans who could only find part-time worker last month declined by 49,000.

“Workers marginally attached to labor force were up by 21,000 and discouraged workers are also up by 32,000 workers.

“Nearly 2,000,000 Americans are now working two or more part-time jobs, an increase of over 20,000 since last April.

“So just where are all these ‘new’ jobs? Well, they’re not in mining or logging and not in construction or manufacturing. They’re not in durable goods or non-durable goods; they’re not in wholesale trade or utilities and even our friends in ‘Information services’ lost workers. The new jobs are to be found in private-service providing, 137,000 of 165,000 jobs are in the service industry.

“Trade, Transport 9,000
“Retail 13,000
“Financial services 19,000
“Professional and Business 50,000
“Leisure and hospitality services 36,000
“Education and Health Services 24,000
“Other services 4,000

“Realty Trac reported this month, ‘The number of homes overall in foreclosure or bank-owned rose by 9 percent to 1.5 million properties nationally in the first quarter of 2013 compared to a year ago.’ Another 11 million homes remain underwater …”-

Look at that above “greeting.” This nation’s entire labor force is underwater.