We should be paying more attention to the folks participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement. Those gatherings maybe the only way to put an end to this unemployment crisis of ours.

Sadly, many public figures are openly opposing these rapidly spreading protests and, although it should come as no surprise, they are the very people who are openly encouraging U.S. military aggression throughout the world. A writer has recently posted the names of some of the U.S. war mongers who support wars but refuse to participate personally in such dangerous endeavors. Here’s a list of some of those absentee heroes:

  • G.W. Bush—who decidedthat a six-year National Guard commitment really means only four years, and he still says he’s “been to war”.
  • VP Cheney — with five (5) deferments, had “other priorities”.
  • Tom Delay — avoided the draft because “so many minority youths had volunteered that there was no room for patriotic folks like himself.”
  • Rush Limbaugh — did not serve “because of an anal cyst”.
  • Rep. Saxby Chambliss — did not serve because of a “bad knee” (yet somehow feels he has a right to attack Max Cleland’s patriotism. Max doesn’t have any knees.)
  • Att. Gen. John Ashcroft — sought a deferment to teach at SW Missouri State.
  • Rep. Dennis Hastert — avoided the draft and did not serve.
  • Dick Armey — avoided the draft and did not serve.
  • Trent Lott — avoided the draft and did not serve.
  • Karl Rove = avoided the draft and did not serve.
  • Bob Dornan — avoided the draft and did not serve.
  • Phil Gramm — avoided the draft and did not serve.
  • Don Nickles – did not serve.
  • Richard Shelby — did not serve.
  • Eliot Abrams — did not serve.
  • Richard Perie — did not serve.
  • Rudy Giuliani — did not serve.
  • George Will — did not serve.
  • Bill O’Reilly — did not serve.
  • Sean Hannity — did not serve.
  • Bill Bennett — did not serve.
  • Michael Savage — did not serve.
  • Ann Coulter — did not serve.
  • Jack Kemp = did not serve.

These well-positioned and well-heeled individuals have no regard for the plight of the unemployed. They know darn well that an Emergency Shipbuilding Program would end our unemployment crisis, but shipbuilding would also eliminate the many sweetheart deals that have made their ride on the gravy train possible. But this train’s last stop is just around the bend.