Chinese Checkers

Finian Cunningham at Global Research covered the president’s attendance at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit last week, and it turns out that his attendance at that meeting had nothing to do with the “E” part of the above acronym. It turns out that the prime focus for him and his entourage appears to be “war” – and in particular laying down battle lines to China.

In an effort to enlist underlings and lackeys into his gang, Obama has moved on from Honolulu to Australia and to Indonesia. One would think that because of China’s economic power in that region, Obama would take a slow boat to China to discuss partnerships and policies that would revive the global economy. That would be quite logical, would it not? But that’s not on his agenda.

The Financial Times put it this way: “Barack Obama will not set foot in China during his swing through the Asia-Pacific region … yet the country’s rapid economic ascent and military advances will provide the backdrop for almost everything he does on this trip …

“The Pentagon is quietly working on a new strategy dubbed the AirSea Battle concept, which is designated to find ways to counter Chinese military plans to deny access to US forces in the seas surrounding China.”-

Although it may seem to some that Beijing should rightly be concerned about denying “access to US forces in the seas surrounding China”, the Western mainstream media doesn’t see it that way. Instead of viewing the proceedings as US offense/Chinese defense, the media is presenting it as a Chinese offense/US defense situation.

Mr. Cunningham wonders how that same media would report it if the Chinese announced that they intended to patrol nuclear warships off the coast of California. Why, they’d consider that to be an act of war. And they’d be right … so how are we allowed to get away with such provocations?

Remember the Spratley Islands in the South China Sea? We went to war in Viet Nam over those islands, and we took quite a whipping. Those untapped reserves of oil and other minerals in that very region are the main reason for Obama’s surreptitious maneuvering, and he will forever be seen as a bumbling idiot if China is forced to respond to his saber-rattling. (They’re a lot more formidable than the VC.). Can you just imagine what reactions would be forthcoming from the U.S. mainstream media if China decided to make a play for the oil and gas fields off Alaska?

China has been bailing us out, financially, for more than ten years, and her “economic ascent” would bail us out now if we had purchasing power. But that can only come from jobs, and jobs will only be generated by an emergency shipbuilding program. We’re not referring to the 3,000 jobs needed for the construction of a $ 14 billion nuclear carrier, we’re talking about the 30,000,000 workers required to build several thousand container ships. That would end the unemployment crisis.

And besides, importing body bags instead of consumer goods sounds like a lousy idea..