Fueling Debate

The December issue of MARINE LOG let us know that, “Orders for LNG-fueled tonnage swelled at U.S. shipyards.” Swelled, it said. Sounds exciting. Here’s what the first paragraph looks like:

“The use of Liquified Natural Gas – LNG – as a marine fuel has capture the imagination of U.S.-flag operators. The value of LNG-fueled and ‘LNG-ready’ vessels being built at U.S. shipyards has ballooned to close to $ 3 billion, following orders totaling over $ 850 million placed last month by Crowley Maritime, Matson Navigation and a subsidiary of SEACOR Holdings, Inc. Overall, there are 24 vessels (including one option) on order at shipyards on all three U.S. coasts.” –

Imagine that! “… ballooned to close to $ 3 billion”! That should do wonders for our failing economy, right? Wrong. That enthusiastic announcement was intended to mollify dumbed-down Americans – Americans who know only what they see on TV or in newspaper headlines. In our Vol. XXXVII, Art. 29 commentary we provided some figures that didn’t make the headlines, figures that make that enthusiastic $ 3 billion LNG commitment look like chicken feed. According to hushed-up U.S. Department of Defense announcements, in the month of November more than $ 8.8 billion were awarded to more than 80 firms for use in the construction or modification of warships.

But wait. There’s more. Here’s what we wrote. “That eight billion plus dollars – much of it directed to companies we’ve never heard of – could have created thousands of employment opportunities in the U.S., but that isn’t what our handlers want. They need to get their hands on as much money as possible – skimming is what’s important.

“Although our main concern is the construction of non-combative and profitable vessels as opposed to war-making vessels, we’ve often wondered what the Department of Defense (?) is awarding to others every month. So we took the time this month to look into it. We almost vomited …”

According to the DoD, another $ 14.6 billion was handed out to various other “defense” agencies – like the Army, the Air Force, the Transportation Command, the Defense Logistics Agency, the Missile Defense Agency, and sundry other groups.

“Those figures add up to $ 14,686,597,301, and when you combine this money with what the Navy was given – $ 8,846,650,688 – the staggering monthly cost to taxpayers comes to $ 23,533,447,989.

“CNN and Fox dutifully refrain from reporting these expenditures, of course, and besides, even if they did, the average American wouldn’t even bat an eye. They still believe the Arabs were responsible for the 9/11 fiasco.

“Next month the DoD will spend another 23 billion dollars. And the next month, and the month after that they’ll continue the ripoff …”

[Now what was that again about the “value of LNG vessels … ballooned to close to $ 3 billion”?]