Give US A Break!

“No Fed Plans to Give More Support, Bernanke Says”. That was the headline for one of the reports we saw in yesterday’s New York Times. Here’s how it began:

“WASHINGTON – The chairman of the Federal Reserve, in saying that it had no immediate plans to provide additional support to the economy, dashed the hopes of some economists and executives who have been pushing for action to add momentum to the sluggish recovery …”

The story goes on for about three pages, but let’s just look at the baloney in that first sentence. First of all, as many people now know, the so-called “Federal Reserve” is no part of the U.S. Federal government, yet the “chairman” of the Fed acts like a dictator. He has assumed powers that even our elected representatives in Washington don’t have – including our sitting presidents. From whom or from what or from whence does he get that authority?

Secondly, what “additional support” to the economy is he talking about. When did the “Federal Reserve” ever give the economy (the average American worker) any support? As we recall, more than a trillion dollars of taxpayer monies were handed over to Mr. Bernanke’s gangster friends on Wall Street and his bankster friends in the banking system, but he never gave us a dime.

And those “economists and executives who have been pushing for action” – those parasites want more of the taxpayers money? What about the more than 20 million hopelessly unemployed dupes in this country? Don’t we count for anything? Does Mr. Bernanke honestly think the homeless and the hungry will just curl up and die? Without a fight even?

Early in the 20th century – before most of us even saw the light of day – some dudes got together and decided to form a “central bank”. After all, some folks had already succeeded with that scam over in Europe – and boy!! – were they ever raking in the profits over there!

Well, it worked here in the U.S. as well. As well? It makes the scammers in Europe look like pikers. The chairman of this “central bank”, Mr. Bernanke, also stated yesterday that:
– “the ‘recovery’ was continuing at a modest pace”
– “unemployment would remain well above 7 percent through the end of 2012”
– “it would take a ‘significant amount of time’ to restore the 8.5 million jobs lost in the United States in 2008 and 2009”.

He lies. We have documented proof – and we’ve already pointed it out in an earlier commentary – that Mr. Bernanke admitted – early in 2006! – that the recession was already in full swing back then. So why doesn’t he talk about the job losses back in 2005, 2006 and 2007, and the job losses so far this year. “8.5 million” job losses? That’s bunk. The figure exceeds 20 million.

And “7 percent” unemployment? And a “recovery”? – even a “sluggish” one? Will he try to sell us the Brooklyn Bridge next? He might. He knows we’re backward enough to fall for it.