More “signs” of an economic “recovery”.

– From The Journal of Commerce:

– “Owners Canceled 140 Container Ship Orders”
– “CMA CGM Cancellations Hurt Korean Shipyards”
– “Asian Ocean Carriers Slashed Fleets”
– “NYK, ‘K’ Line Alter Container Ship Orders”
– “Asia Carriers Reduce Owned Fleets”

– From The New York Times:

– “Automaker Pensions Underfunded by $ 17 Billion”
– “Analysis of California Pensions Finds Half-Trillion-Dollar Gap”

– From the Associated Press:

– “Fla. jobless rate reaches record 12.2 pct. In Feb.”

– From those attempting to cover up these economic failings by laying down smokescreens:

– “Port of Galveston seeks private partners – (Galveston Daily News) – April 11, 2010
GALVESTON – A year ago, something happened at the Virginia Port Authority that sent ripples across waterfronts everywhere. Illinois-based CenterPoint Properties Trust made a $ 3.5 billion offer to take over operations of the state-run authority.

“In a move that could reshape the fortunes of Galveston’s docks, Director Steve Cernak will ask the port’s governing board April 26 to hire the Bank of Montreal to seek such a private partner. Time is of the essence, officials said. The island port wants to position itself to capture increased container traffic expected when expansion of the Panama canal is complete in 2014, Cernak said.”

– From The Journal of Commerce:

– “Tampa Adds 15 Acres to Container Terminal – Port makes phased progress to exploit Panama Canal expansion in 2014. The port is positioning itself to exploit the expansion of the Panama Canal, scheduled to be finished in 2014. The port and an Executive Shippers’ Council comprised of 150 central Florida exporters and importers are working to attract more container carriers to Tampa.”

[Can’t you just see “container carriers” delivering undemanded and unpaid-for goods to the millions of undemanding and unpaid jobless Americans? Impossible.]