It ain’t fair …

This next story appeared in “The Economic Times” – a newspaper that Americans never get to see:

“US to invest $ 1 trillion in India: Nirupama Rao”

“KOCHI: US will invest $ 1 trillion towards infrastructure development in India to meet the needs of a growing population, said Nirupama Rao, India’s ambassador to the US. She was addressing members of the Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kochi on Thursday.

“‘By March 2012, a trade delegation led by US secretary of commerce John E. Bryson will visit India to discuss this investment. An “evergreen revolution” similar to the Green Revolution is planned with US expertise to increase agricultural production and rural income. Space technology will come in handy for predicting monsoon and creating new linkages from farm to market.’ she revealed.

“‘The political engagement between India and the US has strengthened significantly and the strategic understanding has deepened. The partnership is multi-faceted and it extends to all activities that touch all aspects of the human endeavor – from education, health, agriculture to our concerns in peace, security and human dignity. A strategic dialogue was established between the two countries in 2009 and has identified five principal areas of co-operation,’ she said.

“‘The two countries are also working together to have a stable economy in Africa and Afghanistan. A global disease detachment centre is planned as part of health cooperation. We will also focus on women’s empowerment and combating maritime piracy. Indo-Pacific maritime trade cooperation will be beneficial for both the countries.’

“Rao also suggested that Kerala, a natural tourist destination, should be promoted more aggressively in the US.

“Deepak L. Aswani, chairman of KCCI, Jasmin Karim, convenor of KCCI Ladies’ Forum, Sheela Kochouseph, joint convenor, KCCI Ladies’ Forum, and Savio Mathew, secretary of KCCI, were also present.” –

One trillion dollars of American taxpayer money is about to be given away to India by our elected leaders, because of “the needs of a growing population”!! Well how about our needs? In our previous commentary – Article 34 – we spelled out 29 “Almost Too Crazy To Believe” situations and conditions in our own country that could be rectified immediately with just a portion of that one trillion dollars – and with another chunk of those funds the administration could repeat the steps taken by FDR back in the 1930s when he revitalized dozens and dozens of our shipyards. His initiative created about 40 million jobs and brought a swift end to the Great Depression – and isn’t that the kind of initiative we’ve been pushing for these last ten years or so?

As the Green Bay Packer’s Vince Lombardi used to bellow, “What the hell’s goin’ on here?”