Let’s Get Real

Instead of dwelling upon a $ 30 billion fantasy, let’s get real. At zero cost to the community … that’s right, zero cost … our patented systems will:

• Allow ships unhampered access to and from preassigned berths,
• Provide for quick and efficient servicing of these vessels by longshoremen,
• Scan every container,
• Eliminate expensive container handling equipment,
• Position every container in a preassigned slot,
• Require no repositioning of containers prior to retrieval and delivery,
• Allow for an in-house, programmed delivery system by salaried drivers,
• Require no gates,
• Release valuable acreage for other uses (or for future expansion),
• Provide valuable acreage for warehousing and cross-docking facilities,
• Eliminate traffic tie-ups within terminals and in surrounding communities,
• Reduce pollution caused by idling vehicles and outmoded material handling equipment,
• Eliminate long distance delivery,
• Ease the burden on truck drivers,
• Ease the burden on railroads,
• Reduce costs to the end user,
• Increase profits for terminals and port authorities,
• Eliminate the need for dredging,
• Eliminate the need for taxpayers to assume dredging costs,
• Create employment opportunities presently restricted by cramped operations,
• Create employment opportunities in those 200 additional container ports,
• Provide lower costs and higher profits to shipping lines,
• Require the development of short-sea shipping,
• Increase the need for Jones Act ships and barges,
• Revive U.S. shipbuilding,
• Create employment opportunities in U.S. shipyards.

In fact, no stone would be left unturned. Not only would business entities benefit by the ability to expand and embrace new opportunities, but the various unions would also see unexpected and unopposed growth and influence in this unusually favorable atmosphere. Bearing in mind the win-win opportunities indicated above, along with the cooperative attitude of the AAPA as seen in its S.H.A.R.E. principles, as well as the plea from Chuck Mack ( “It’s perplexing why no one is stepping up to the plate. Everyone is afraid to make the first move.”), allow me to put Chuck’s question to you in another way. “Why isn’t everyone stepping up to the plate?”

[The above offering appeared in this website this past October 14th, and though gridlock is rapidly approaching, we’re still waiting for someone to make the first move.]