In a poll of 2008 Obama voters released last Thursday, 81 percent of respondents agreed with the statement that “Obama should lay out a broad plan to create millions of jobs and hold Republicans accountable if they block it.”

Now that’s a stupid poll and a stupid question. It indicates that “2008 Obama voters” don’t even have a clue about how to put teeth into their speculative “broad plan to create millions of jobs”.

But the poll is imperative: “President Obama next week must break out of the political constraints imposed by the congressional conservatives and inside-the-Beltway pundits. We have a jobs emergency, and the proposal that President Obama presents to the nation next week must be as bold as the seriousness of the crisis.” –

Well, first of all, this crisis isn’t just a “jobs emergency”. This is a National Emergency. This nation has never seen times like these, in spite of the spinnage we’re getting from the controlled press.

When the controlled press says, “Since the recovery began in 2009 … ,” superficially educated Americans buy it, hook, line and sinker. They tend to believe that the rest of the country is OK – that the “recession” is be behind us now and we’ve entered the “jobless recovery” phase.

And when the controlled press reveals that International Paper CEO John Faraci was paid a salary of $ 12.3 million, and Bank of New York Mellon’s Robert Kelley pocketed $ 19.4 million, and Stanley Black & Decker’s John Lundgren got $ 32.6 million – well, they think, maybe things really aren’t too bad after all.

And there’s more bromide in the works. According to the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) mid-season review: “The President will introduce after Labor Day a package of meaningful, new initiatives to promote economic growth and create jobs. These will build on the actions the president has been urging Congress to complete that will strengthen the economy and create jobs, but also will include new measures that will accelerate job growth in the short term. These could include a mix of tax cuts and provide economic security to the middle class, innovative infrastructure ideas to put people back to work, and some measures specifically targeted at the long-term unemployed and other specific sectors of the economy that are in particular need.” –

P.T. Barnum and Will Rogers must be getting a big kick out of what these shills are telling us. This is a National Emergency but because we “only know what we read in the newspapers”, neither the Obama voters – nor those who opposed him – are aware of the gravity of the situation. Obama’s Thursday address will be as worthless as the blurb the progressives put out the other day. He’ll say nothing that makes any sense, and our do-nothing Congress will continue to sit on its hands.

This is inexcusable. We have the Jones Act, Title XI, and a patented, job-creating container ship design. We’re not asking for a stroke of genius – “the stroke of a pen” is all that’s needed.