Problems and Solutions

If any one of the LA-LB port officials had “cared to listen”- or to read – they couldn’t have failed to note the advantages being offered by our patented container handling system. We even spelled it out so that a fourth-grader could understand it. We listed the Problems (that are even now puzzling LA-LB port officials), and we showed how our system provided Solutions to those problems.

PROBLEM: Increasing volume requires additional land.
SOLUTION: Our patented system requires less than 35 acres per 1,000,000 TEU.

PROBLEM: Increasing volume requires more extensive infrastructure.
SOLUTION: Our patented system requires no further infrastructure modifications.

PROBLEM: Increasing volume creates massive logjams within terminals.
SOLUTION: Our patented system is programmed to handle this foreseeable increase.

PROBLEM: Increasing volume creates traffic jams and gate tie-ups.
SOLUTION: Our revolutionary operations eliminate traffic jams and gate tie-ups.

PROBLEM: All problems are caused by inefficient and poorly programmed yard operations.
SOLUTION: Our patented system tracks every container from our pier to the consumer’s pier.

PROBLEM: U.S. Customs inspections are severely hampered in every terminal.
SOLUTION: U.S. Customs will be smooth, efficient and unhampered.

Our web site provides more explicit details under the “Overview” section of our site map:

“Under present conditions, truckers are being hampered by traffic logjams and lengthy waiting periods, and these conditions, producing strikes, slowdowns and driver shortages, have been described as a ‘national crisis’ by traffic analysts. It is admittedly impossible for container yards, structured as they are, to devise ways to deal with congestion in and around terminals in order to eliminate this most troublesome shortcoming, but the built-in space-saving features of our patented systems have enabled our designers to perfect a new and rapid method of product delivery. Because large tracts of valuable acreage will be made available by our retrofitted space-saving systems, our delivery system, emanating from staging areas within these facilities and requiring no gates, will bring an end to traffic tie-ups and waiting lines. This new delivery system will eliminate once and for all the threats of driver shortages resulting from lost wages caused by long waiting lines, and with the termination of this threatened national crisis, every stumbling block to efficient, inexpensive and secure intermodal transportation will be removed.”

[If LA-LB officials cared about the drivers, the union members, and the health of the surrounding communities, they would heed the advice of Secretary Mineta. But, hooray for me, etc. … as usual.]