Secured Lines

Read between these lines.

1. Port Technology story on 8/16/2014: “University of New Orleans to research port security”

“A US $ 150,000 grant has been awarded to the Merritt C Becker Jr University of New Orleans (UNO) Transportation Institute to undertake research into port security, reported New Orleans City Business. The goal of the research project is to secure a variety of port facilities with minimal disruption, according to UNO’s announcement. To do this, the research aims to develop a tool whereby different types of threats and responses can be simulated so that the most efficient method of security can be identified for the port. Local and regional maritime agencies, the US Coast Guard and the Port of New Orleans, are among the institutions that UNO Transportation Institute aims to build relationships with, as well as to identify all of the appropriate measures for alleviating security risks applicable to the region.

“UNO will also collaborate on the project with researchers from LSU and Florida Atlantic University.

“The award was made by the US Department of Homeland Security.” —

[That’s funny. We’ve sent full descriptions of our slam-dunk systems to these entities. Why haven’t they been put into effect so we can sleep nights?]

2. “Going Places” story back on 5/29/2008: “Campbell Elected Port of NO Board Chairman”

“Campbell, who is president of the International Longshoremen’s Association Local 3000, is the first ILA president to serve on the Board. He has led the ILA since 2000 and has established a record of working with all Port entities to bring stability to the maritime industry in New Orleans. A graduate of Alcorn State in Mississippi, Campbell has worked with the ILA Local 3000 since 1985 in various capacities. ‘I will work with the Port of New Orleans to be the leading Port in the Gulf region,’ Campbell said.

“According to the report, the Board’s commissioners serve five-year staggered terms.” —

[This is even funnier. We sent a lengthy message describing our patented systems to Board Chairman Campbell right after his election back in 2008. We made it clear that our systems would scan/inspect every single container that would ever arrive at the Port. Never again would there be concerns about “terrorists,” or “WMDs,” or smuggled drugs, or … Wait a minute. “Terrorists” and “WMDs” are now known to be nothing more than fear mongering, but the smuggled drugs are a horse of another color. Do you suppose that’s the reason why Mr. Campbell and our nation’s “leaders” have never acknowledged our messages? Are those contraband goods the real reason why our ports must never be secured? Think about it.]