Spelling Lesson?

Ready for some more brainwashing? Read the following from the Singapore Business Times.

“Pirates more violent but less successful”, is the way the spinnage began.

“(LONDON) Piracy attacks on the world’s shipping rose by a third in the first half of this year and became increasingly violent, with pirates using machine guns, grenade launchers and other weapons, a maritime watchdog said yesterday.

“Despite the increase of such attacks off Somalia in the Horn of Africa, where piracy is rampant, and other areas, successful highjackings were down, in large part due to massive patrolling by naval fleets, the International maritime Bureau (IMB) said.

“‘In the last six months, Somali pirates attacked more vessels than ever before and they’re taking higher risks,’ IMB director Pottengal Mukundan said in a statement.

“‘This June, for the first time, pirates fired on ships in rough seas in the Indian Ocean during the monsoon season. In the past, they would have stayed away in such difficult conditions. Masters should remain vigilant,’ it said …

“More than 60 percent were by Somali pirates, the majority of which were in the Arabian Sea, but bigger ‘mother ships’ equipped with more sophisticated equipment have allowed them to stay at sea longer and strike farther than they were able to do in the past …” –

What bunk! Although the U.S. Navy is the most powerful military force the world has ever seen – or could even imagine – that rag-tag bunch of so-called Somalian “pirates” seem to have the upper hand. If you believe that, maybe you’d be interested in buying a pretty good sized bridge we’re offering for sale.

“Mother ships” and “sophisticated equipment”? Now where do you suppose those third-worlders got that stuff? Can you spell C-I-A?

And although – according to the highest U.S. Naval sources – we’re desperately trying to build up to a “313-ship” Navy by inveigling additional hundreds of billions of dollars from tragically uninformed U.S. taxpayers – not too long ago, you may recall, a loose-lipped Naval source was bragging about the 400-plus ships we already had. But that “313 ship” little white lie had to be told, you understand, because “313 ships” aren’t quite enough to stop that handful of half-baked Somalian rascals. We need ‘way more than that for the job ahead of us. Somalia has oodles of oil – as if you didn’t know – and those pirates who are on our payroll – as if you didn’t know – are giving us the convenient false-flag opportunity to put American kids’ “boots-on-the-ground”.

Can you spell D-I-E-G-O G-A-R-C-I-A?