“… the formation of collaborations …”

The “formation of collaborations”. Right. That oughtta do it. So let’s see how that’s working out. Just this morning InfoMare revealed the following:

1. “Maersk and CMA CGM to cancel November Asia-Europe sailings.

“Maersk and CMA CGM will start to cancel sailings on the Asia-Europe route, anticipating weakening demand in the coming slack winter season winter season.

“Cut will be the Maersk’s AE6 service in week 45, after the sailing from China on November 7. Also cut will be AE7 service in week 47, sailing on November 23.

“Maersk and CMA CGM will also cancel three sailings on their joint Asia-Med AE20/Mediterranean Club express 3 service in October and November in week 43, week 46 and week 48.

“Maersk Line said voiding sailings were ‘due to a predicted lack of demand on the Asia-Europe trade in October and November’ and added the cancellations would ‘increase the efficiency of our fleet’.

2. “G6 Alliance cancels 8 Asia-Europe sailings to kick off winter season.

“The G8 Alliance will withdraw eight Asia-Europe sailings from late October until February in response to weakening demand during the winter slack season.

“Sailings cut on the Asia-North Europe run will be Loop 7 services in week 44, arriving Qingdao on October 28; Loop 6 services in week 48, arriving in Kaohsiung on November 25; Loop 1 service in week 1, arriving in Kobe on January 3 and Loop 6 service in week 7 arriving Kaohsiung on February 10.

“Voided sailings on the Asia-Med run will be the EUM service in week 44 arriving Busan on October 27, EUM service in week 48, arriving Busan on November 24 and the EUM service in week 7, arriving Busan on February 8.

“The G6 Alliance said it would continue to offer services between the Far East and Europe covering all major port pairs with weekly sailings, and will make service adjustments where necessary.

“G6 members are APL, Hapag-Lloyd, Hyundai Merchant Marine, MOL, NYK and OOCL.” –

This “formation of collaborations” is just a new way of saying “Vessel Sharing”. Vessels are so large and demand is so weak that these giants can’t be filled to “break even” by a single carrier.

Erstwhile competitors are now forced to hold hands to keep from going under – while they await delivery of even more leviathans. Greed and stupidity.