The Gore-y Details

So now it’s Copenhagen this and Copenhagen that. This “cap-and-trade” bunk is the latest diversion. The following is an article we saved from a May issue of Investor’s Business Daily.

“Global Warming: At the cap-and-trade hearings, it was revealed that not everyone will suffer from this growth-killing energy tax. A congresswoman wanted to know why sea levels aren’t rising but Gore’s bank account is.

“When Gore left office in January 2001, he was said to have a net worth in the neighborhood of $ 2 million. A mere eight years later, estimates are that he is now worth about $ 100 million. It seems it’s easy being green, at least for some.

“Gore has his lectures and speeches, his books, a hit movie and Oscar, and a Nobel Prize. But Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., was curious about how a man dedicated to saving the planet could get so wealthy so quickly. She sought out investment advice we all could use in a shaky economy.

“Al Gore joined the venture capital group Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers September of 2007. On May 1, 2008, the firm announced a $ 500 million investment in maturing green technology firms called the Green Growth Fund.

“Gore was the star witness at the hearings on cap-and-trade legislation before the House Energy and Commerce committee. Blackburn asked Gore about Kleiner-Perkins, noting that at last count they ‘have invested about a billion dollars in 40 companies that are going to benefit from cap-and-trade legislation that we are discussing here today.’

“Blackburn then asked the $ 100 million question: ‘Is that something that you are personally going to benefit from?’ Gore gave the stock answer that ‘the transition to a green economy is good for our economy and good for all of us, and I have invested in it but every penny that I have made I have put into a non-profit, the Alliance for Climate Protection, to spread awareness of why we have to take on this challenge.’

“Gore, while speaking at a conference in Monterey, Calif., admitted to having a ‘stake’ in green investments that he recommended the attendees put money in rather than ‘subprime carbon assets’ such as tar sands and shale oil.

“He also is co-founder of Generation Investment Management, which sells carbon offsets that allow rich polluters to continue with a clear conscience.

“It’s a scheme that will make traders of this new commodity rich and Bernie Madoff look like a pickpocket. The other founder is former Goldman Sachs partner David Blood. As Stephen Milloy, author of Green Hell, points out, Goldman Sachs is lobbying for climate legislation and is part owner of the Chicago Climate Exchange, where carbon credits from cap-and-trade would be traded.

“Others hope to cash in along with Gore. On Earth Day 2007, the various NBC networks gave 75 hours of free air time to Gore to hype climate change. NBC is owned by General Electric, perhaps the largest maker of wind turbines and other green technology in the world. It, too, stands to benefit financially from cap-and-trade.

“Gore’s altruism is phony. According to a March 6 Bloomberg report, Gore invested $ 35 million of his own money not in green nonprofits, but with the very profitable Capri-corn Investment Group LLC, a Palo Alto, Calif., firm that directs clients to green investments and invests in makers of environmentally friendly products. As reported on Green Hell Blog, Capricorn was founded by the billionaire former president of eBay Inc., Jeffrey Skoll, who also happens to be an executive producer of Gore’s Oscar-winning documentary, ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’

“Gore has not taken a vow of poverty even as he advocates legislation that will push millions into it. He has said corporate profits are behind the studies disproving his alarmism. Maybe it’s his desire for profits that are behind his manipulation of the truth.”

Editorials such as the preceding never seem to make it to the pages of The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The LA Times or The Boston Globe – entities among the “others”, no doubt, who are hoping “to cash in along with Gore”.

Gore said that corporate profits are behind the studies disproving his stance. Let’s look again at some of those studies.

1. “James M. Taylor, senior fellow for environmental policy at the Heartland Institute, points out that a number of the alarmist statements in Al Gore’s book and in his movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, do not hold up to scientific scrutiny. He accuses Al Gore of distorting science and of ignoring data that defy his theory on alleged ‘global warming’.”

2. “‘For example,’ says Taylor, ‘Gore claims that Himalayan Glaciers are shrinking and global warming is to blame. Yet the September 2006 issue of the American Meteorological Society’s “Journal of Climate” reported, “Glaciers are growing in the Himalayan Mountains, confounding global warming alarmists who recently claimed the glaciers were shrinking and that global warming was to blame”.”

3. “Gore claims that global warming is the cause of the shrinking snowcap of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Yet ‘Nature’ magazine reports in its November 23, 2006 issue: ‘Although it’s tempting to blame the ice loss on global warming, researchers think that deforestation of the mountain’s foothills is the more likely culprit. Without the forest’s humidity, previous moisture-laden winds blew dry. No longer replenished with water, the ice is evaporating in the strong equatorial sunshine.’”

4. “The African deserts are expanding due to global warming, warns Gore. Yet the September 6, 2002 edition of ‘New Scientist’ says, ‘Africa’s deserts are in “spectacular” retreat … making farming viable again in what were some of the most arid parts of Africa.’”

5. “As for Gore’s claim that the Antarctic sheet is melting due to global warming, the January 2002 issue of ‘Nature’ magazine reported Antarctica as a whole has been dramatically cooling for decades. Moreover, says Taylor, scientists reported in the 2006 journal ‘Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Series A: Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences’, that ‘… satellite measurements of the Antarctic sheet showed significant growth between 1992 and 2003′. Further, the U.N. Climate Change panel reported in February 2007 that, ‘Antarctica is unlikely to lose any ice mass during the remainder of the century.’”

6. “Along the same line, a new book entitled ‘Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 Years’, points to more than 300 scientists who found evidence that 1.) A natural moderate 1,500 year climate cyclical has produced a number of global warmings similar to what is purportedly happening today, and 2.) The modern ‘warming’ is linked strongly to variations in the Sun’s radiance.”

7. “Though scientific papers refuting many aspects of the man-made global warming theory are published in prestigious journals such as ‘Science, Nature and Geographical Review Letters’, they receive virtually no media attention. S. Fred Singer, a climate physicist who co-authored the book with Hudson Institute Senior Fellow David Avery, says, ‘We’ve had Greenhouse Theory with no evidence to support it – except for a moderate warming turned into a scare by computer models whose results have never been verified with real world events.’ Singer also observes, ‘Humans have known since the invention of the telescope that the earth’s climate variations were linked to the sunspot cycle, but we have not understood how. Recent experiments have demonstrated that more or fewer cosmic rays hitting the earth create more or fewer of the low, cooling clouds that deflect solar heat back into space – amplifying small variations in the intensity of the Sun.’ Co-author Avery says, ‘Two thousands of published histories say that warm periods were good for people. It was the harsh, unstable Dark Ages and Little Ice Age that brought bigger storms, untimely frost, widespread famine and plagues of diseases.’”

8. “Likewise Mr. Reid Bryson, founding chairman of the Department of Meteorology at the University of Wisconsin, says that the temperature of the earth is increasing, but it has nothing to do with what man is doing. ‘You can go outside and spit and have the same effect as doubling carbon dioxide,’ he said.”

9. “‘Carbon dioxide is 0.000383 of our atmosphere by volume,’ said meteorologist Joseph D’Alea, the first director of meteorology at ‘The Weather Channel’ and former chief of the American Meteorological Society’s Committee on Weather Analysis and Forecast. ‘Only 2.75 percent of atmospheric CO2 is anthropogenic in origin. The amount we emit is said to be up from 1 percent a decade ago. Despite the increase in emissions,’ he points out, ‘the rate of change of atmospheric carbon dioxide at Mauna Loa remains the same as the long term average (plus 0.45 percent per year). We are responsible for just 0.001 percent of this atmosphere,’ insists D’Alea. ‘If the atmosphere was a 100-story building, our anthropogenic CO2 contribution today would be equivalent to the linoleum on the first floor.’”

[Yup. Corporate profits were behind all these scientific studies … just to disprove Gore’s actions.]