Tinkering …

In the January 22nd issue of the Daily Breeze, LA Mayor Villaraigosa said he supports the governor’s proposed $ 222 billion public works package. He called it “a great step” that needs “some tinkering”. He got that right.

If the purpose of the package is to repair crumbling infrastructure (bridges, highways, corridors, tunnels, etc.), reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality, then “some tinkering” isn’t going to cut it. By the time the politicians get through squabbling over who gets how much for this or that pet project, the state’s problems will escalate into a trillion dollar-sized public works program. If the governor’s advisors could be made aware of our website and the efficiencies of our patented systems described therein, a lot of bickering could be averted and a lot of time and billions of dollars could be saved. And there’d be no need for “tinkering”, either. Here’s how the governor could solve the state’s headaches without resorting to bills, bonds and bureaucratic bungling.

1. Place a cap on any further growth at the LA/Long Beach terminals.
2. Retrofit our efficient systems in other California ports in order to accommodate the annual increases in Eastbound cargos.
3. Retrofit our efficient systems in the existing container terminals in the LA/Long Beach complex.
4. Sell, lease or put to a more acceptable and profitable use the acreage at the LA/Long Beach ports freed up by our retrofitted systems.
5. Forget about bonds. Form one or more corporations and sell stock to outside investors in order to fund the construction of the newly installed, patented, efficient, space-creating and money-generating, storage, retrieval and delivery systems.

It shouldn’t take too much figuring to understand that as long as efforts are made by port authorities to invite and accommodate an annual increase of imported containers in the 8 or 9 percent range,
• diesel pollution will never be reduced to desired levels;
• the numbers of vehicles and railcars will only be increased;
• and the need to spend unconscionable amounts of taxpayer moneys will increase with every day of wasted time.

1. A cap on further growth at LA/Long Beach will bring pollution to desired levels.
2. Retrofitting other California ports retains business in the state and creates jobs.
3. Retrofitting LA/Long Beach terminals generates higher profits for the ports, the state and the employees. Additional personnel will also be required.
4. Released acreage will see the development of residential, business and recreational facilities.
5. By selling stock instead of taking the bond route, the state will be using readily available OPM for the construction of terminals, residential, business and recreational facilities, and whatever other amenities the citizens feel they need.

[And there’d be no need for “tinkering”, either.]