With the Stroke of a Pen … (Repeating Vol. XXII, Art. 28 – a year ago and worse off)

Forget what the media is saying about signs of “economic recovery”. It isn’t happening. Most Americans are convinced that the recession is just about over and economic growth and prosperity are just around the corner. But it isn’t true. The country – and maybe even the whole world – is tumbling into a black hole, and truthful economists are warning that there’s no way to avoid the terrible catastrophe.

The Wall Street and banking financial meltdowns were nothing more than hoaxes. They were underhanded stratagems to extract money from unwary and ignorant taxpayers. Even the political health reform brouhaha is a ploy – another hoax – to swindle additional multi-billions of dollars from the sheeple who have yet to see through the so-called “stimulus” programs.

There’ll be no recovery until the millions and millions of jobless Americans are put back to work. Unemployment is what caused this recession. Wall Street and the banksters had nothing to do with job losses, and Wall Street and the banksters can do nothing to create jobs.

U.S. unemployment problems were initiated when our greedy politicians “opened up” China in the early seventies and began to ship overseas (outsource) our capacity to produce goods. Our inability to compete with foreign manufacturers slowly but surely strangled our economy and made it impossible to create, or even to preserve, American jobs.

And no matter what we invent, we cannot compete with foreign workers. The situation calls to mind the words in an old song which stated, “Anything you can do, I can do better”… and so the USA is left holding the bag.

But we’ve been in this position before. That was back in the 1930 Great Depression years. The “stimulus” that got us out of that mess was massive government deficit spending in preparation for World War II. The unanticipated benefit, however, was the immediate termination of the Great Depression. The Great Depression was literally buried by the sudden creation of millions and millions of jobs. The end of the war came much later.

There was no need to save Wall Street brokerage houses, the banking system or insurance companies. Jobs creation was needed back then, and job creation is what’s needed now.

What most people don’t know, or remember, is that FDR instituted three Emergency Shipbuilding Programs. Almost overnight shipyards were built, refitted and revitalized, and more than 40 million jobs were created in, or in support of, that new and enormous shipbuilding industry.

Many warships were built in the late thirties and early forties, but an even greater number of cargo ships were built. Those cargo ships helped bring an end to that Great War, but the millions of new job opportunities in the shipbuilding industry also brought an end – a very early end – to the Great Depression and extended our new and profitable economy into the post-war years.

What it comes down to is this:

– We need to invent a viable product (like a new and patented container ship that other shipbuilding countries will not be permitted to build).

– Well, we’ve already done that. Our U.S. Patent Number 5,860,783 and U.S. Patent Number 6,077,019 are designs that are patented throughout the world through the PCT.

– With a stroke of a pen (and a lot less money than was given to Wall Street and the banksters) our President could then revive our sleeping shipyards and create another 30 to 50 million jobs, just like FDR did.

– Hundreds and hundreds of new, but outmoded, foreign-built, conventionally structured container ships have been laid up in harbors and bays around the world because they are no longer useful.

– They’ve been “mothballed”, of course, because there’s been a diminishing demand on the part of U.S. (unemployed) consumers for foreign-made goods, and as long as the U.S. consumer remains unemployed, there will be no demand for foreign goods to be shipped by foreign shipowners to U.S. ports.

– Therefore, it all starts with the ability, and the capacity, to produce something that cannot be built by overseas manufacturers.

– With all competition excluded by the U.S. patent holders of a newly-designed, highly efficient, and profitable container ship … and with our idled shipyards available … and with about 30 to 40 million ready, willing and able, but unemployed citizens awaiting a call … there’s not a single reason why President Obama can’t create all the jobs we need, almost overnight, just as FDR did in the 1930s.

We need to stress the “multiplier effect”. Just building roads and bridges isn’t the answer. It didn’t work in the 1930s and it wouldn’t work now. By building ships – Jones Act ships – employment is guaranteed for seamen and for U.S. maritime interests. That’s what the Jones Act requires. All Jones Act ships must be owned by U.S. entities and they must be crewed by U.S. seamen. So far so good, but the “multiplier effect” extends even beyond that.

Those who control the U.S. patents could insist upon controlling the employment and the operations of the rest of the U.S. maritime trade as well. Like for instance, freight forwarders, brokers, container yard operations, delivery operations, and every aspect of container logistics.

Those who control the patents will no doubt insist that container handling equipment, software, scanning/inspection equipment and every facet of the U.S. maritime industry are also to be owned and controlled by U.S. interests.

That’s how to create and guarantee American jobs.