Zero Gravity

This report was seen on “”:

“Zero. That was the number of net jobs produced by the economy in August, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“Zero is the number that looms above President Obama as he delivers his address Thursday to a joint session of Congress …”

[Are you beginning to wonder just what it is they’re smoking at these “joint sessions”?]

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics this morning reported that the unemployment rate remained at 9.1 percent, with 14 million out of work and another 8.8 million working part time when they really want to work full time … ”

[Correction: That should read “The Bureau of Devious Statistics”. The real unemployment rate is closer to 29.1 percent, and 41 million – not 14 million – are actually out of work.]

“The specifics of what progressives would consider a ‘bold’ jobs plan are spelled out in ‘Big Ideas To Get America Working,’ a series of posts published on in August. Most of the key elements are also summarized in the AFL-CIO’s six-point agenda for good jobs:

1. Rebuild America’s schools, roads, ports, airways and energy systems.
2. Revive U.S. manufacturing and stop exporting good jobs overseas.
3. Put people to work in communities doing work that needs to be done by directly creating millions of jobs.
4. Help state and local governments avoid more layoffs and service cuts by increasing federal Medicaid funding during periods of high unemployment. Ensure that we have our priorities straight so that we can fund essential federal government functions – not slash them to the bone.
5. Help fill the massive shortfall of consumer demand by extending unemployment benefits and keeping homeowners in their homes.
6. Reform Wall Street so it helps Main Street create jobs by encouraging lending to small businesses, enacting a financial speculation tax and end Wall Street cheating and fraud …” –

And Zero is the number of jobs this “bold” jobs plan will produce. Read that inanity again. It doesn’t really say anything. It doesn’t answer the simple question – “how”? How are we supposed to do all those things? Our elected elite in Washington must be laughing up their sleeves at such ignorance. This kind of thinking is an indication of how dumbed-down Americans have become, and the elite – as the saying goes – are taking us over the coals.

We’ll never get out of this mess until someone with clout – anyone – finally realizes that we’re mired in our Greatest Depression, and only an Emergency Shipbuilding Program could save our bacon.